September 2018 - June 2019
Australia, New Zealand, Pacyfic Islands, USA
Who are we?

We are a Polish family of 5: mum Barbara, dad Andrew plus Kacper (8), Konrad (6) and Kaja (4). We just left our cosy life in Berlin to set off on a new, exciting adventure!


We started family trips with a trip to Mexico with our first born son Kacper when he was one. Then we visited Indonesia and the USA with two little boys and finally spent 8 months travelling in a motorhome across South America


So far, when travelling with little kids, our main goal was TO SURVIVE :)


Now our goal is TO SPEND QUALITY TIME with our children and show them the world.

What's the plan?

In September 2018, we're going on a 10-month trip around the world. We start with Australia (stage I), then we will drive through New Zealand (stage II) and some Pacific Islands (stage III). The last stage of the trip is a journey through the USA (stage IV).


During the trip, we will homeschool our children.. We will study reading, writing and maths in our family languages: Polish, German and English.


However, this journey will be the main driving force to learn - we will study nature, geography, culture and history through most natural possible way: adventures and real-life experiences.

Stage I - Australia - done!!!

On September 4, 2018, we landed in Sydney and from here we set off on our journey.


We bought a campervan for our 5-person family and made a loop around Australia.


We fly to New Zealand in December 2018.


Along the way, as usual on the road, we will use Couchsurfing and other hospex services (HelpX).


We travel following the motto "say YES to everything" - we are grateful for all the opportunities that fate brings us and all random encounters.

Stage II - New Zeland

In December 2018, we are flying from Australia to New Zealand.


Here, we will also buy a right motorhome for our big family.


In New Zealand, we plan to spend a maximum of three months, perhaps less, if we want to go back to Australia or have more time for Pacific Islands.


What we have is a draft of our New Zeland route, at this point we collect ideas and arrange details. Feel free to pitch in!

Why we go?

We set off on this trip for several reasons, some are more or less important, you decide:


- because life is rushing like TGV and we feel we miss everyday life of our children

- because we feel we have too many things and get "grounded"

- because we want to spend valuable time with children consciously educating and enriching them

- because we want our children to think "out of the box" and grow "outside the system"

- because parents are the greatest example for children, so we want to show them how to live bravely

- because we dreamed that we would start a "dream life" after being 40 and it's now!

- because if not now, then when?

Why do we blog?

What gives us writing about the expedition? Why do we keep this blog? 


- because we want to hear in the comments that this idea is not completely crazy

- because thanks to this we document our trip, places, people and experiences

- because sharing with others motivates us to do more

- because it inspires us to create!


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