September 2018 - March 2019
Who are we?

We are a Polish family of 5: mum Barbara, dad Andrew plus Kacper (9), Konrad (7) and Kaja (6). In summer 2018 we left our nice life in Berlin to set off on a new, exciting adventure!


We have a long history of family trips: a trip to Mexico with our first born son Kacper when he was one. Then we visited Indonesia and the USA with two little boys for a few weeks and finally spent 8 months travelling in a motorhome across South America


So far, when travelling with little kids, our main goal was TO SURVIVE :)


Now our goal is TO SPEND QUALITY TIME with our children and show them the world.

The plan

In September 2018 we set off on a 6-month trip to far, far east. We started with Australia (stage I), then flew to New Zealand (stage II) and finally went back to Asia - Bali and Thailand (stage III). 


During the trip, we home-schooled (or rather road-schooled) our children.. We studied reading, writing and maths in Polish, German and English.


However, the journey was the main driving force to learn - we explored nature, geography, culture and history through most natural possible way: adventures and real-life experiences.

Stage I - Australia

On September 4, 2018, we landed in Sydney and after a few days of searching, we bought a Toyota Hiace motorhome - with 4.5 sleeping places, a stove and a small table. We bought a mobile toilet and headed north.


We spent 3 months traveling in Australia:


1. Queensland, or the east coast - Brisbane, Arlie Beach, Townsville, Cairns to Daintree Forest


2. Outback - through Mt Isa, Alice Springs to Uluru and Kata Tjuta and then Coober Pedy to Port Augusta.


3. Victoria and New South Wales - Adelaide, Melbourne, Mount Kosciuszko and Sydney.

Stage II - New Zeland

In December 2018 we arrive to Auckland, where for 10 days (long!) we were looking for a motorhome suitable for us. Again we find Toyota Hiace, though 10 years younger!


We tour both New Zealand islands in 2 months:


1. from Auckland we reach Cape Reinga


2. through Whitianga, Rotorua, Taupo and Palmerson we reach Wellington in NYE 18/19


3. after the ferry ride to Picton, we drive briefly to Abel Tasman Park


4. West Coast via Westport we reach the Fox and Franz Josef glaciers next to Mt Cook, then Wanaka and south to Invercargill


5. We return through the Otago peninsula, Oamaru, Lake Tekapo to Christchurch and to the ferry to Picton


6. West Coast of the North Island via Whanganui, New Plymounth, Waitomo we reach Auckland.

STAGE III - relax in Bali

Although this might sound like a dream trip, the small space in the car and high prices in Australia and New Zealand give us a hard time.


We decide to relax in Bali, hoping to improve the budget and energy resources. After temperature and nutrition shock and getting used to the new conditions, we decide to do some diving:


1. We go from the bottom up the island - Kuta, Ubud, Lovina


2. dive to Nusa Penida - incl. Manta Point surrounded by beautiful manta!


3. Sanur - relax with yoga and Tulamben - diving in the wreck of the Liberty transport ship

Why do we blog?

What gives us writing about the expedition? Why do we keep this blog? 


- because we want to hear in the comments that this idea is not completely crazy

- because thanks to this we document our trip, places, people and experiences

- because sharing with others motivates us to do more

- because it inspires us to create!


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