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Share your life - about Couchsurfing

I am a big Couchsurfing fan, no matter what

Do you know Couchsurfing? Social network, but based on so deep emotions and experiences, that once you fall in love with it you cannot stop. What is it all about?


Couchsurfing is a network of hosts and guests, but the purpose of networking is not earning money or gaining profits other than gaining experience of cultural exchange.

Imagine you work and cannot travel, but then you invite a traveller from China and India to your place. They share their meal with you and tell you about their lives in these countries. They also tell you how they see your place with their eyes and what are they future plans. You start to question your habits or notions, or just collect interesting ideas and get inspired for you next trip.

Imagine you travel but want not only to visit places full of tourists, but see real life in your destination. You want to know what people really eat, how they live, what are their habits, furniture at home, their opinions on their country, politics, religion, family or worldwide situation. Imagine you can enter house of local people, share a meal with them and engage into a meaningful conversation.


Imagine you have a network of like-minded people, who share with you the values of genuine traveling, openness, willingness to explore and learn more. Imagine you can meet them and share a bit of your life with them?

This is what Couchsurfing is for me.