Galapagos – is it worth it?

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I waited too long to write about the Galapagos. But maybe it’s good. Now I just have a blurred memory of that place, with no unpleasant details. So how do I remember the Galapagos?

I will not be very original. Galapagos for me it’s NATURE. Animals are absolutely not scared of people. It seems all around belongs to them, so they rest wherever they want to, wander or play close to admiring people.

It’s also a great biology and geology lesson. Both for us, adults, and for our kids. We’ve seen and almost touched so many species! We’ve learnt a lot about them and continue doing so. We’ve seen many diffrent habitat and tried to explain to my inquisitive older boy “why” and “what”.

This is obviously the biggest and most informative part of our education on the road so far. My boys have learnt names of the Galapagos indiginous species both in English and Polish, I’ve shown them some youtube videos about them, told them good-night stories with the animal of the Galapagos featuring as main characters. We also did simple quizes on the animal or nature of Galapagos. Great lesson, I can’t imagine anything better.

For those who would like to show their kids what we’ve seen on the Galapagos – here’s a little drawing.

And to the question – is it worth it? The flight from Guayaquil to Baltra, Galapagos cost our entire family above 1000 USD. We had to add a park fee to that – 100 USD/aduLT, 50 USD/kid. Plus there’s a significat difference in prices of food and accommodation when you compare with the mainland. That means very, very expensive. But again – it’s worth it. Unbelievable:)