Kids education based on illustrations and stories from family travels
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Here you can find materials around the topic of kids education. We educate our children by taking care of them and including them into every aspect of our lives while constantly admiring the authenticity and wisdom of children.

Get inspired by illustrations and the materials in this category. Take them on a trip to Berlin Museum of Natural Sciences or to a trip across South America.


  • Animals in Galapagos Islands – Drawing AdventuresAnimals in Galapagos Islands - Drawing Adventures
    Animals in Galapagos Do you know any animals in Galapagos Islands? Do you wonder what to see in the Galapagos? What surprises are waiting for kids in this animal’s paradise? Inside whose shell the boys came in? When a team of 3 kids and trips landed at Galapagos Island during the expedition to South America, they did ...
  • Australia at our home and what is helpX?Australia at our home and what is helpX?
    Australia visited us at home A story how we invited a piece of exotic Australia to our place! We are fans of Couchsurfing – a service that allows you to host travelers from various, very exotic countries. As a traveling family, we use the Couchsurfing website very often – both for travelling and hosting. There is one more ...
  • Galapagos – is it worth it?Galapagos - is it worth it?
    Our travel I waited too long to write about the Galapagos. But maybe it’s good. Now I just have a blurred memory of that place, with no unpleasant details. So how do I remember the Galapagos? I will not be very original. Galapagos for me it’s NATURE. Animals are absolutely not scared of people. It seems all ...