Lago Titicaca on Peruvian and Bolivian side


About a week ago we arrived to Puno and its surroundings. Honestly, nothing interesting in Puno. Also difficult to find a place to camp. There’s one 4-star hotel, where our friends stayed, but it was too expensive for us (30usd/night), so we found a cheap Cochera (parking) for 10soles/night. (3usd). That worked fine!

Islas Flotantes

Next day we took a “collectivo” boat to Islas Flotantes (Floating Islands). We heard that it’s purely commercial, but it was even worse – we took part in a quite uninteresing show with the goal: extract money from tourists. I thought it might be interesting for kids to see the construction of the islands, but the rest was … just a show..

Puno – Islas Flotantes and the show

We have an old car, but even those with a new car always find things to fix on the way. On that day we desparately needed to do alignment, so we found a place called Servisur where our car was checked and (surprise!) aligned! The trick is the mechanic first aligned the wheels, later  just wanted to turn the steering wheel into the correct possitions but couldn’t unscrew it. Fortunatelly Andrew said no, and the angry guys had to do it again, but starting from the steering wheel 🙂

Taller – by mechanics


Now it was time to leave Puno and go to Copacabana, Bolivian part of the Lago Titicaca. It took us a day (we stayed overnight in a small town shortly before the boarder) and then we finnally arrived. The location of our camping was great. Just next to the Titicaca Lake, with a view on the mountains, fishermen, trees around. There were sheep grazing around the corner plus a potato field. Kacper loved it and after one long evening brought us a big bag full of potatoes he dug out of the field 🙂

Road to Copacabana, Bolivia plus our vista on the Lago Titicaca

So we’ve spend a few nights there. In the evening I could watch the sunset over the Lago Titicaca and enjoy hot coffee in our little home. In the mornings I managed to do some yoga on the Titicaca coast… Our trip gets better and better…