Machu Picchu, Ollantaytambo, Moray and Pisac

Machu Picchu

So we arrived to Santa Teresa / Hidroelectrica – a basic camping site as close as possible to Machu Picchu. From here you need to walk 2-3 hours to catch a bus which takes you up to the most famous Southamerican archeological site. We arrived on time, I did a lot of preparations – food, clothes, planning and we went to sleep. But the night was tough – Kaja had fever and diarrhea… It was so bad, that I decided to stay with her at hidroelectrica. So at 6 am the boys team left the place. Andrzej was a little scared of leaving with two boys on such a long walk. Moreover 10 minutes after they left it started raining heavily. I was so worried… But it turned out that they did great. The rain went away, Konrad needed carrying on shoulders but after a nap in the bus to Machu Picchu he was fit to run around the site. They quickly walked all the way back and returned extremely tired, but very satisfied!

Machu picchu
Trek to Machu Picchu: daddy and his two brave boys

And us? We spent most of the day around the camping site fighting with a big number of stingy flies. That was so annoying that the campsite owners finally made some smoke from “hierba mala” so that the flies go away. Helped a little…

Mozcas everywhere


Next day we arrived to beautiful Ollantaytambo where we climed huge Inca fortress. Boys did well and great vistas were our reward. On the way to another place I read aloud a story of the Ollantaytambo victory. Boys were captured. Yes, battles are definitely interesting for boys!!!

Ollantaytambo – Inka fortress


The same day we went to Moray, which is so beautifully located! I was charmed by a view of an old local couple resting at the top of a hill with snow capped mountains behind them. They were not aware of the exellent scene they were part of…

Moray – scenic place


We came back to the lovely camping in Cuzco and met fellow travellers there. I did something for myslef – a yoga session with Carina. Andrew did some works with the car and after these pleasures we went to see Pisac. Kids fell asleep while going there, so each of us went to see the site separately. What a rare experience – to walk in a beautiful place undisturbed, with time to do whatever you want and how slowly you want… I guess next experience like that in 20 years…

Pisac seen on my own