Relationship up-side-down

Our relationship

Let me admit it. Before this trip, during so called “normal” life we sometimes had small fights with my hubby. About small and unimportant things. But I’ve noticed with surprize that for some time now we do not fight at all…

During a long-term trip like ours it’s not easy. We are constantly tired. At 9 pm we are wasted. But still we have to wake up at night. To feed Kaja, change her diapher because she just made poo at 4 am or to fix our heater, because it stopped working for some reason. During the day we’re busy. For example, sightseeing, preparing for a journey (shopping, tanking), driving, cooking or fixing the car. And in most cases time for one parent to do one of these chores means that the other has to take care of our three energetic kids for 2-3 hours. And this is a full-time job, belive me.

Moreover every day there’s some sort of emergency situation. Fixing the above mentioned heater, we have a flat tyre, we need to change the wheels, fix the breaks in the car. We need to tank fuel or gas, we’re in the middle of now-where and run out of milk or diaphers. We’re lost, we’re stuck in mud, it’s super cold and windy or, on the other hand, scorching hot and dusty, Kaja made a huge poo and all around needs washing and so on.

Our talents

And precicely in these situations we help each other as much as we can. We discoverd “hidden” talents in us. I am now a magic cook, who can make a dinner using the last potato left and a universal washing machine. Andrzej became a mecanic and leant to fix almost everything what’s broken. Together we plan new routes, read about new places, we have fun and teach our kids, we help another when the energy runs out.

And in all those difficult moments, surrounded by splendid nature of South America, we hug and kiss, and almost not fight. We feel like fools who were lucky to find pearls in mud. We cherish fantastic views and small vicotories over everyday troubles. We love each other company and miss each other. And at night, at 21 pm, we hug and promise each other that tomorrow we’ll definitely spend more time togheter, drinking wine for example. But now we need to go to sleep, because at night Kaja will wake up for sure and at 5 am all the kids wake up no to miss any sunlight of Bolivian sun and a new, fascinating day will start.