Your development inspired by entries of a travelling mum
jestem mama


I believe that a woman is the main pillar of a family and emotional and mental family condition depends on her. That is why your development is very important. Take care of yourself as a mother and give yourself time to rest and stimulate your own development.

It is beautiful to take care of oneself and develop. Luckily, each of us is different, so each of us can find their own interesting way. We change over the years, that is why it is still worth looking for new solutions and get inspired.

I encourage you to create a dream list, or “Bucket list” – it is worth dreaming and fulfilling these dreams.

If you are looking for inspiration in the field of creativity, be sure to read and do the exercises from the book “How to Become an Artist” by Julia Cameron.

Perhaps you will be interested in my entry with things that have inspired me lately and changed my life?

Or maybe you want to read about inspirational meetings at the Couchsurfing Family Meeting or during our journey through South America?

Here are other topics that inspire me presently:

– philosophy of minimalism and zero-waste life
– budgeting and finances in daily life
– taking care of your body: yoga ashtanga
– taking care of your mind: meditation
– switching off reading fascinating fantasy or sci-fi books
– time, task and project management


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